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Fun Facts

The Beatles used to be called "Johnny and the Moondogs"

Lose Yourself by Eminem is the First Rap Song to Win an Oscar

Justin Bieber Was Rated the Fifth Most Hated Man In America In an E-Score Survey

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  1. we are user friendly and offer great information on music for studies or just for fun reaserach or also if you are interested in learning about the history of music then this is the place for you.

Music History

In 1000 CE Guido D'Arezzo made many improvements in music theory. He first improved and reworked standard notation to be more user-friendly by adding time signatures. Then he invented solfege. This is the vocal note scale: do, re, mi, fa, so, la ,ti,do. Researchers have identified what they say are the oldest-known musical instruments in the world. The flutes, made from bird bone and mammoth ivory, come from a cave in southern Germany which contains early evidence for the occupation of Europe by modern humans - Homo sapiens.